Friday, September 18, 2009

Random Saturday Nights


We went to kacau Sha =)

Orang-orang gila


Bella's 24th

Chayang you!


She's an awesome friend

Birthday girl suap hubby pulak =p

My peeps!
  • Hope you enjoyed your 'surprise' Belle
  • I did the best I could hehe
  • Wouve you!

<3 My 23rd Surprise Birthday <3

Thanks so much for everything I <3>

We were rocking the podium oops!

My Taman Tunians came to surprise me too =)

My GORGEOUS cake!!!

My sweethearts!
  • Thanks so much Belle for organising such an amazing party!
  • It was my officially best birthday ever!
  • I love you guys!

My '09 Birthday Lunch!

Zeenat and sister gave me necklaces!

Faridah, Mr Z, Zeenat and Christine

Happy 23rd to me!

The choc cake I adore most! *drools*

Because I'm a western type of person this is what we had =)

  • Thanks for letting me order my fav choc cake!
  • Loved the food and the small gathering!
  • Wish the other people was there as usual =(