Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tuty Elyanie

Us lepaking at Rasta
My farewell dinner at Bianco before departing to the US
Camwhoring session in the loo during date night!
Sugarfloss' boyfie and us at Belle's during Irfan's 1 year old party

My sweetheart and I having good times as always =)

  • My true best friend since high school
  • Thank you for all the support you've given to me throughout our friendship
  • We have indeed survived alot and have been through thick and thin together
  • I'm proud of you for 'developing' yourself compared as to how you were last time ;)
  • I heart you girlfriend!

Nabila Hannah

Belle and her precious son, Daniyal Irfan
Us hanging out at Starbucks OU
Yap, Belle and I at Sanctuary partying!
Me wouve you :)

Shalina, Belle and I in Zam's car from OU
  • One of my best friends whom I truly adore and love!
  • Thank you for always being there for me whenever I needed company
  • I think you're a kind-hearted person with alot of patience
  • You're funny and your jokes are not being made intentionally but still you are one of the funniest!
  • I heart you, hubby Zam and precious son Irfan so much!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Me? Rejected?

DAMN IT!!! UiTM rejected my application!!! ARGH. I am now trying to call the person incharge and no one's picking up! WHY??? I can't wait just to ask "why? why? why?" Give me a GOOD reason why I shouldn't be one of your students???! I've worked hard and has been in the PR industry for almost three freakin' years now! You better give me a solid reason why I am not qualified only then I'll accept. I have a future plan to stick to man! You don't give me lame excuses of why I'm not qualified and hell you better pick up the phone!!!

I could've just gone to other universities but UiTM's fee is reasonable for a part-time gig and definitely affordable for a broke person like me! My family are tight enough with their own responsibilities and I don't wanna be in the middle of the way making it worst. Now, I'm already scouting for Open U. It should be the next choice (even though it's freakin RM21k! - still cheaper than other places) and I need to do it hurry since they start classes next week! ARGH. I could just work and not care about it, BUT it gives a great effect to your standings and may I also say, INCOME! Which is a huge deal for me now since the downturn makes such a big effect in terms of financial.

I wanna work and be a successful career woman and also an educated one. Don't get me wrong I am educated in the sense of a good human-being and all but in terms of the certificate that has your name on it, I need to complete Degree at least. Masters? Me? Don't think so. Me practical less theoretical! Diploma nowdays doesn't give you that enough standing or position for you to be in the corporate world. After finishing Degree only then I can think of working and collecting money properly and then probably settle down and marry my future husband (whoever that is for now I am unsure).

ARGH. Stop complaining and get back to work calling those peeps! Wish me luck! :(

Saturday, May 2, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

I'm kinda back for now! Well sorta...Anywho, last Thursday I watched the movie with Belle and Shalina at GSC OU. I had fun! Simple girls night out watching movie and if I may say, one of the best chick flick ever in my opinion! Even without the movie, you know what you should do and what you should NOT do. However, watching it gives you a more realistic situational analysis that you could just observe rather than analyze and force your brain about. I know my situation now and I'm gonna make a change ;) I love the movie!!!

P.S: Ben Affleck's character is such a sweetie - making Shalina and I, shed tears in the panggung wayang full of people I don't know, thank you =D