Wednesday, April 15, 2009


What the old office looks like before we left :(

My old working place :(

I know I haven't been posting quite recently. Busy moving office!!! Waaaaa so tired...Hopefully I'll be back soon after everything is settled. So far so good but still too early to tell. Wish me luck though!

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Dove Promises Message

For some reason this past few weeks, after dinner I'll go straight to the fridge and get some Dove chocolates that Nor bought in US. I say for some reason it's because I don't usually eat alot of chocolates. But yeah, I ate alot this past few weeks, and everytime I eat one I'll check my promises message. Again, somehow the messages are kinda meant for me!

1. Be a role model to someone (kinda true - to Irwan, colleagues maybe?)
2. The most enjoyable experiences are often free (erm, maybe)
3. Believe the best in yourself (SO TRUE! I needed faith so I know that I could do it)
4. Make the most of today (TRUE also, my colleagues left me during that time)
5. Forget the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey instead (SO TRUE! Need to move forward to what's happening to me)
6. Kick a bad habit for today (Kinda true - need to quit smoking hehe)
7. Give of yourself to someone who needs you (maybe I need to consider who really needs me rather than just not)
8. Say hi to someone new (really interesting, am I gonna??? hehe)
Interesting eyh? Well these messages below are the ones that Irwan got. Even MORE interesting...

1. Think of someone who makes you smile (he read this and smiled right away with the thinking of someone kind of face, hmm I wonder who is it...)
2. Be a good listener to your friends (SO TRUE! I was in need of comfort and support but he wasn't being a good listener so the message kinda helped me to remind him, that kind of thing you know)
3. Learn to say "hello" in another language (I take this as a message for him to be more friendly maybe? LOL)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

They're Gone...

Azizul, Azman and I will only be left in Ampang later

I'm gonna miss being your PA

My other two angels in the office

Last cake together as Asia PRians

No more 'burp wars' with Ira and 'really/perhaps' by Sheryl :(