Monday, March 30, 2009

What's Going On My Mind This Instant

1. I cut my hair - I think I look funny but my friends said I look pretty (^_^)
2. Affendi has left Asia PR :(
3. Tomorrow will be most of their last day and we'll have our last makan-makan with them :(
4. I'm really sad and I don't know where to start cleaning up my desk and packing up stuff that we need for the new office
5. This Saturday would be the first time we'll have to work (luckily it's alternate)
6. I miss Baby Irfan even though I just met him yesterday (CUTEST BABY EVER)
7. I'm really gonna miss Ira and Sheryl and Cons. Senang cerita semua orang that are leaving lah
8. I miss ^%&*@
9. This coffee makes me pening lah pulak
10. No mood - wanna go home and sleep

My Wishlist

I wish for...

1. Blackberry Bold
2. iPhone 3G
3. New hair colour + blonde highlights
4. Gucci handbag
5. LV handbag
6. LV travelling luggages (the complete set)
7. Toyota Caldina 2.0L Turbo GT4
8. Toyota Vios 1.5S
9. Honda City 1.5 i-VTEC
10. Mini Cooper S
11. A walk-in wardrobe
12. Charles & Keith sandal and glads heels!!!
13. $$$$$ ;)
14. Laptop (any good ones)
15. Any best Olympus waterproof camera

More to come...

Friday, March 27, 2009

I've decided!

Well, I've made my decision to stay now. It is for the better I think. After the talk with Azizul I kinda understood the situation better and even got more opinions to strengthen my choice. Constance agreed too. However, things won't be the same anymore and plus it'll be at somewhere new where I have to adapt to the new culture, working style etc. The worst part is, I'll be there alone. All my other fellow junior colleagues will be leaving. It's very saddening actually. I do love them as my colleagues. They're easy to talk to, easy to quarrel with (if we have a decision to debate about - kinda fun), listening to their stupid jokes, making fun of each other everything lah. We always have lots of makan-makan. for every birthday, anniversaries, interns leaving etc. SIGH. From April 1 onwards, things would totally be different. Office stuff have already being packed bit by bit. Although, I don't know where to start for my own desk. HMM. It's gonna be tough but with prayers InsyaAllah, I'll make it. Hopefully I can get all the prayers from my friends and family too! :(

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Love This Dress!!!

I love this dress so much!!! Wish I could have some designers do it for me since it's quite hard to go find the exact same dress! Or maybe I could call up Nicole and ask her whether she could donate the dress to me. Belle, this is your idol wearing the dress i LOVE so much!!! LOL

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Communication is commonly defined as "the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs...
a) an act or instance of transmitting and
b) a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior
c) exchange of information
Communication can also be perceived as a two-way process in which there is an exchange and progression of thoughts, feelings or ideas towards a mutually accepted goal or direction.
I don't have that now in my relationship. I am in need of support, advice and comfort but no, he's not giving that to me. Thanks alot getting me through this rough patch of my life.

Laughter and Tears

My Tuesday started off pretty normal with me reaching the office late, drank my milk, read the papers etc. It was a very hard morning for me to get up cause it was raining heavily and I was under my covers and fluffy pillow and chilly room especially when it was raining. A feeling so nice that you wished you'd never have to get up and go do your commitments on a daily basis.

Half of the morning just as it was going to be our normal lunch time, Evon dropped by to get her report etc. We were so happy so we could get out of the office and have lunch elsewhere. We ended up going to Santai in TTDI. Thank you Evon! (^_^)

On the way back from Santai we were talking about alot of stuff from relationships, our interns, pap smears and more. Suddenly, there was this funniest question I've heard for the day which was something like "How many inches did you lose your virginity to?" LOL

It was a different question actually but it sounded like that. We were laughing and laughing our asses non-stop till we got to the office. Then, it was back to reality, we were aware that we had a meeting to listen what the outcome of our last attempt was in saving our career. Well, the outcome wasn't what we expected. But I was prepared that I had to look for other opportunities. It's sad to know that my current-one-of-the-boss IS leaving too. I had made my decision also and it was time to really look for a new job as much as possible. After the meeting, I received a devastating email from Nor (my 2nd sister) saying that dad had called her and said that the doctor suspects another coming heart failure that resulted his foot to be swollen. We had a bad start for 2009 as dad had a heart attack when we were in the bus travelling from Reno back to San Francisco exactly on January 1, 2009.

It was severe that we had to extend our stay there in the US while he was being treated in Oakland, California and went through two Angioplasty. We almost lost him. After reading the email I was too stressed and my tears just started to flow. Somehow, I don't feel right if dad gets a 3rd heart attack. He already had a heart attack in 2006 and then during our trip to US in 2008. He has an appointment at IJN today. Hopefully everything goes well. I can't deal with this problem and my career problem too. It's just too heavy. SIGH.

After work I got home with Ira and went for threading together. Met baby for a while outside of Jangells he was hanging out with Faiz and cycling around TTDI. He loves that now. Oh well, as long as he's happy. Got back and ate Mak's cooking as usual. Then I just hung out at home watched TV cause Tuesday nights means 90210, Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives :) But I watched Perfect Stranger before 90210. Amira then called me to hangout but I was hooked up with the TV. Sorry sayang! I'll meet you tonight at gym if you're there :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

~Monday Blues~


Me very the sleepy one to get up. SIGH. I got up anyways and reached office late as usual. (^_^) Being at work now means mukabuku-ing, looking for new jobs, spending my time blabbing at my blog etc. It was funny to see Ira being pissed off with one of the interns. She deserves it big time. You can't afford to be blur at this point of stage where you've been here for quite some time and had done nothing much and not having the initiative to come up and ask for further info. SIGH. Luckily she's a nice girl and knows to apologize. Sheryl and I had lunch at Pisang Jerit and I had my usual Oriental Chicken. YUMMY.

Belle was being active online today and she was asking whether I'm ok to go see Confessions of A Shopaholic movie for free at TGV since she has that coupon to redeem 4 free tickets! I was so up for it so she had me text Mei and Lyn whether they're a shoo in or not. Mei was in but Lyn apparently wasnt available :( So Rino joined instead.

Everything else is still the same, I got back, ate what Mak cooked, got ready, watched TV and waited for Belle to pick me up. She said she'll come by 7.30 and wants to go get the tickets and eat KFC. She's so funny, wanting KFC so bad that she wants to buy them and stuff it in her handbag to bring in the cinema. Where can one?! LOL. As I said earlier, funny.

Unfortunately, the tickets are finished when we were about to collect them!!! SOB SOB. But we still went for KFC and tried on Crocs and Belle got her bubble tea. We walked around and I had to try so hard not to go in Charles & Keith, Forever 21, Dorothy Perkins and more due to my restricted finance!!! URGH. Sabar. Anyway, Mei wanted me to come home with her, so I did. And we were infront of my house for god knows how long! Poor thing she was telling me stories of her work now. I wish I could help her but it's up to her to do it and just hang in there till the time comes. Whatever you decide, know that you'll have my full support dear! Xoxo

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Laid Back Sunday


I was really sleepy and lazy to get up but Zai woke me up to get ready as the insurance lady is coming. Yeah turning 23 this year only wanting to get insurance that I can't even afford to be honest. SIGH. Wish this downturn would end soon! Even though it's just starting, I'm suffering big time. Mei, the insurance lady is a very nice person whom has been in the business for quite some time. She's a friend of Kak Wati. After a long discussion, I decided that I shall hire her after I get a new job and be financially stable first.

Mom wasn't in a very good mood. We were kinda pissed at her. SIGH. When are things gonna change???! I was already hungry waiting for Mei to leave only then we'll eat lunch what mom cooked. We did ask whether she wants to eat but she doesn't want any. Fair enough. We had to rush eating our lunch to pick our dear aunty whom we call Mak Kajang. There is another aunty of ours whom we call Mak Taiping. (^_^) We had to pick her up at Pudu bus station. She went back to Taiping with her son and had to leave early cause he was staying there much longer.

When we got back we were stuck on TV and watching Three Can Play That Game again. (^_^)But as soon as it was over, I took a shower and got ready to follow Zai to lepak at Mosin with Abang Azahan. After hanging out for some time, I called up Belle and wanted to take her out for dinner. I know she hasn't eaten yet. So malas and she doesn't mind not eating! Haiya. So we went Uptown Hawkers and chatted non-stop while I watch her eat. After we were done, I was suppose to send her to OU but instead I felt like going around in the car with nice soothing music around KL. So we went and on the way there was two stupid cars who were racing and almost hit my car! Tires were screeching and I was so pissed off till I was shaking! Stupid drivers.

Luckily the drive was a pleasant one and we chatted all the way. Sharing, laughing, tempering about all sorts of kinda stuff. Driving around with soothing music is like one of my stress relief ways hehe. Anyway I had fun driving with you Belle and thank you for being there for me. Me heart you always! Xoxo

Busy Busy Saturday

- Bought newspaper and report to the boss for client/industry news *yawn*
- Had breakfast at Santai with mum
- Got a one hour full body massage and pedicure at Hair Front (LOVE it but tak puas)
- Had a long bath and got ready

- Had lunch at The Ship with mum, Zai and Nor *yummy*
- Brought mum to SSF *boringgg* (I waited in the car for an hour plus)
- Picked up Zaida's cuppies from Kak Wati *yummy*
- Got home and got ready for more stuff (Urgh, didn't know what to wear!!!)

- Picked up Zai and Nor's free Sunburst tickets at Hartamas
- Explored Sunburst (didn't enjoy cause I had to leave early and Erykah Badu cancelled!!!)
- Picked up Zaida and headed to Rum Jungle (Happy birthday Kak Zaida! We love you!)
- Walked to 7atenine with baby to meet Nicole and Joel Malaysia *FUN*
- Drove baby home cause someone wasn't up for it *ehem*
Hectic eyh?

Sucky Weekend Start!

After work on last Friday, I was getting mentally prepared for my game that night. I knew if i hadn't played or practiced in between the three blocks on every Friday, I would suck! Inserts would be loose, lost balance entirely, off timing, ball felt heavier as ever, the list goes on. Still, I was very eager to feed my stomach first so my eldest sister Zai, asked me to follow her to Santai for dinner first before sending me to Cineleisure. It was a good, simple meal and I enjoyed it. But, I was too full pulak. Well, I got there at Pin Junction just in time to get ready. Then Yana was there! And she's married! She showed me the pictures of her akad nikah also cause she wants to show me her husband's picture lah kan ;) (not bad Yana, not bad...)

Well, it was game time. SCARY. Lastly, I played 147, 231, 172 with an average of 183! Not bad, but I could've done it better! Luckily Aunt Helen is telling me we're competing with a tough team this week and she needs me to play. I think I'll practice before Friday. I miss the game actually. Use to play it more last time but with the condition now, I don't think I can play it that often :(
My girlfriend and hubby picked me up from Cineleisure and we went Mohsin. Later, baby and yayang arrived. We had fun chatting and laughing about many things. It was a pleasant evening or rather morning cause we were there till 1am or 2am plus I think.

After we got home, I had a fight with my other half about a simple thing. SUNBURST. We kinda fought about other stuff too but eventually patched most things up by 3am but I still couldn't sleep. So I watched "Three Can Play That Game" on HBO. Interesting movie. I saw the first edition called "Two Can Play That Game". Girls out there, if you want some tips, maybe you could watch this movie and try to understand most things that are complicated in relationships ;)

Friday, March 20, 2009

I Need This Tonight

This was during Zam's birthday in the year of 2006 I think. Correct me if I'm wrong Belle, if you're reading this. It was a fun night with no worries, no disappointments with good friends and good feel of happiness. I'm gonna get this ambiance again tonight at 7atenine hopefully if jadi :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dummy Downturn


I just really didn't think things would wound up this bad. After the meeting, I feel sad that I had to choose a path where I had to be mean and turn my back against him! But I didn't have a choice if I wanted to survive. This sucks real bad. It was a devastating day today and I didn't like it. Moreover, once he stepped into the office no one greeted him and didn't even gave him an eye contact. I could feel the guilt-but-I-have-to vibe from him crossing over the office to enter his room.

After the 'announcement' things just got from bad to worst till this day. And to add salt to the wound, I got an SMS reply of shock from a friend I adore. Well it wasn't really a shock as this happens to me often but I have to say it hasn't for quite some time. And now it has begun again!


That was the right word to use of what idiotic act that I've gotten today. Apparently I've been bad-mouthed for making up bad, not nice stories of this friend I adore. Bullshit. This is one friend I couldn't even think of a bad thing to say about! Plus, it's not relevant for me to make up stories on those who didn't even mess with me at all. It's just a fucking waste of time. I mean yeah I've talked about people, who hasn't? But not all the time and unnecessarily just to make it part of my daily life. I can honestly say I might be one of those people who does that kind of shit last time, but as I've grown and learnt from previous mistakes, it just makes you become shallow.

Well, we'll see what the outcome would be and I could think it through again tomorrow. For now, the guy that I've been with for almost 8 years now, is here to pick me up and bring me home so that I could rest my body and mind that have been working since the past 9 hours.

God bless...


Well hi there!

Wow, I so have no work to do and I'm blur with this blogging thingy. Oh well, just thought I'd give it a try and talk here since I have lack of trust to humans for now!

Good luck to me!