Friday, September 18, 2009

Random Saturday Nights


We went to kacau Sha =)

Orang-orang gila


Bella's 24th

Chayang you!


She's an awesome friend

Birthday girl suap hubby pulak =p

My peeps!
  • Hope you enjoyed your 'surprise' Belle
  • I did the best I could hehe
  • Wouve you!

<3 My 23rd Surprise Birthday <3

Thanks so much for everything I <3>

We were rocking the podium oops!

My Taman Tunians came to surprise me too =)

My GORGEOUS cake!!!

My sweethearts!
  • Thanks so much Belle for organising such an amazing party!
  • It was my officially best birthday ever!
  • I love you guys!

My '09 Birthday Lunch!

Zeenat and sister gave me necklaces!

Faridah, Mr Z, Zeenat and Christine

Happy 23rd to me!

The choc cake I adore most! *drools*

Because I'm a western type of person this is what we had =)

  • Thanks for letting me order my fav choc cake!
  • Loved the food and the small gathering!
  • Wish the other people was there as usual =(

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jujups is 23 Just 2 Days Before Me!

Happy birthday dodol! Just FYI, I enjoy your sengalness but sometimes too sengal. LOL. Anyway, hope you had a good one and I love you!

Peah Selamat Jadi Puan!

Yay!!! Congratulations again! Those who were at the wedding enjoyed themselves obviously! Camwhoring, no words could explain! I love you all TTDIians! ;)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Muchas Gracis Senorita Belle!

Thank you sweet darl for my new layout!!! Wanna know why my layout is always cute and just the way I like it? Cause it's always being done by one of my best friends, Nabila Hannah! Don't think I'm brown nosing you, but yeah accept my lame gratitude here! Thank you very much again!
Me heart you!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SOS Cravings!!!

Credit: Hanis Zalikha

I'm so craving for these cakes!!! Especially the chocolate cake!!! OMG!!! HELP!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Club Hopping

I love you hotties!
Them on the podium sangat active!
Outside of Avenue K waiting for Erik :)
Quattro's Winter Bar!

Demi kawan baik yang ku cintai, we went to three different clubs! Luckily it's just in one road. Anyway, even though Quattro didn't turn out the way we hoped it'd be, I still had fun with ma sugars! Thanks Tuty and Amira I love you guys! Xoxo

Safiah's Getting Married! :(

Everyone cam-whoring
Gonna miss you CIK Safiah!
Peah's the center of attention :)
Sedih moment :(
Nik Safiah Hanim :)

Ok, not that I'm not happy for her, I am! Just a sad kind of happy cause this is a girl whom I've known since primary school. Even though we weren't as close but still, I feel sad cause we didn't get to hangout as much therefore making me even sadder! But whatever it is, I wish you all the best, I am happy for you that you're beginning your next step in life as a daughter, and also as a wife! Don't forget me if you need a babysitter! ;)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tuty Elyanie

Us lepaking at Rasta
My farewell dinner at Bianco before departing to the US
Camwhoring session in the loo during date night!
Sugarfloss' boyfie and us at Belle's during Irfan's 1 year old party

My sweetheart and I having good times as always =)

  • My true best friend since high school
  • Thank you for all the support you've given to me throughout our friendship
  • We have indeed survived alot and have been through thick and thin together
  • I'm proud of you for 'developing' yourself compared as to how you were last time ;)
  • I heart you girlfriend!

Nabila Hannah

Belle and her precious son, Daniyal Irfan
Us hanging out at Starbucks OU
Yap, Belle and I at Sanctuary partying!
Me wouve you :)

Shalina, Belle and I in Zam's car from OU
  • One of my best friends whom I truly adore and love!
  • Thank you for always being there for me whenever I needed company
  • I think you're a kind-hearted person with alot of patience
  • You're funny and your jokes are not being made intentionally but still you are one of the funniest!
  • I heart you, hubby Zam and precious son Irfan so much!